I saw this video on YouTube and thought it would be a great video to share with those of you who typically don’t bother wire brushing items to get the rust off.  Most of us want to just paint over the rust and really don’t care so much what it looks like.

Well now you can paint over the rust and it will look brand new.  I was very surprised at the end result.

Take a look and see for yourself. You may want to have a can of this stuff around, I know I will.

Published on May 30, 2012 

I use this stuff on anything with rust on it. I don’t even use a wire brush on it and you can see how good looking the end result is. It will surprise you how much coverage you get with this stuff. It reads that two coats are better than one but one does the job great for me. (the author of the video)

Since l made this video there have been a lot of new products enter this market. For larger applications there is one that is green, comes in a one gallon plastic bottle that most auto parts stores sell. lt is cheaper and works really good too. Just follow direction as close as you can. Any brand requiring spraying it on can be done with a spray bottle such as an empty windex bottle. Wear protective gear. I wouldn’t be afraid to use any brand today to get the job done. Prices vary from one to the other. Good luck with your project.

One Reply States – That green stuff will be “OSPHO”. It is “Phosphoric Acid”. It will do the same job at a fraction of the price, but is hard to find.

You should be able to paint this inhibitor on anything. lf it’s on a mobile home use a narrow roller. That way it won’t all soak into the roller. Do when humidity is low and then when it is dry you should apply the second coat and then be able to paint over it.


Uploaded on Jul 5, 2011

This is a demonstration of the use of “Rust Converter” on an old Farmall tractor. You can order this by going to www.farmallparts.com, product #26875 or www.Scoutparts.com, product #18179. After is drys, you can paint right over it.

Rust Converter converts the rust without the use of acids or harmful chemicals. It also leaves a zinc coating on the surface providing protection until you prime it.

Rust converters are designed to neutralize existing rust as well as prevent it from advancing its damage. The active ingredient in most rust converters is Tannin, in the form of tannic acid. This tannic acid combines with the Iron Oxide to form a more stable compound called Iron Tannate, which is typically black in color compared to the reddish color of rust.

NOTE: These videos are for informative purposes only and I do not guarantee how effective the product is. You can “Google” the item or watch additional videos on “YouTube” to learn more about this product. There are also “Rust Remover” products that you can learn about. One that I saw was called “Action Gel” and is made in Australia.

If you try it, let me know how it works, and I’ll do the same.



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