I’m a professional painter that has been in business since 1978. One of my goals is to bring awareness to those who are in business for themselves. To be a company that is not focused on money alone, but the service in which we are all here to give.

I’m attempting to help business owners realize that there needs to be a more spiritual way to bring about abundance in our lives. And abundance includes making money.

Seems like in some industries everyone is focusing on “cheaper” and “faster”, ways of doing things, and not so concerned about the quality anymore.

“Get in and get out”, “Let’s not spend to much time here”, “Time is money”, “Hurry Up, we haven’t got all day”, are just some of the quotes that are drilled into everyone’s head daily.

I don’t here this very often, “Slow down and do it right”, Take your time and do a good job.” These were the quotes from our parents, and their parents. The one’s who build these huge beautifully crafted Historic homes. This is art!

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I listen to Seth Godin a lot, and love one of his quotes: “There is a race to be the cheapest price.” What people don’t realize is that they might win that race, and it could cost them everything. Is that because people have been re-programmed to focus only on the money?

I’ll give you an idea of how that thought process might work with a particular business owner …

Let’s say I make widgets along with many other widget makers. Now my share holders want to make more profits in the coming year, and to do so I’ll need to do one of several things.

  • Sell more widgets – by increasing my distribution or simply said, get more people to buy my widgets
  • Increase the price of the widgets
  • Decrease the cost to make the widgets. – AH !! – Here’s where it gets interesting … I could …
    • Cut down on the amount of widgets I put in the box
    • Make the box smaller, and thus it will hold less widgets
    • Find cheaper labor to manufacture my widgets
    • Use inferior quality ingredients to make the widgets
    • Use fillers in place of the widgets that are cheaper
    • Work with sub-standard companies
    • Or any combination of all the above

So there is a race going on by all the widget makers to increase profits, and reduce the sales price and become cheaper then my competitors. That way consumers will by from me. The easiest way to do that is to cut costs. Do what it takes say the shareholders. If the product only lasts a year when previously it lasted 2-years, Good. we’ll sell more widgets and that means more profits. So is the trend here to squeeze consumers and grab a larger share of the consumers income? For how long? – For Every!

Is there anyone who is concerned about the consumers? Will anyone give something back to the consumers?

We’ll I am concerned for the consumers and I do give back. and WITHOUT decreasing the quality of my service.

I do this in several ways.

  • By discounting the labor costs by a percentage (usually 10%)
  • By discounting the hourly costs on some of the tasks. Instead of a standard $45/hour, some of the tasks that are easier, so I’ll charge only $30 or $35/hour for that task.
  • If a second finish coat needs to be applied, I’ll do it for a reduced hourly rate, or I’ll provided the paint at no charge. Customer has the option of selecting which they would prefer.
  • By repairing things at no cost, when others seize an opportunity to up-sell.
  • By doing more than is expected of us. This is how we arrived with our slogan …

“You Won’t Get What You Pay For”We always give you more than what you pay for! 
It’s our way of saying thanks for believing in us enough to award us the project.

If you think I’m on the right path, then help me reach others, and help others get back a little more for themselves and their families.

Jason Stratos
Owner and founder

“There needs to be a more spiritual way in which one can achieve abundance. The abundance of all things, which includes money – “Deepak Chopra”