We are passionate about training and helping others reach their full potential.

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We are a company dedicated to preserving quality craftsmanship in the painting and home restoration industry.  We are focused on the quality of our work and not fast we can paint a house. Quality work, takes more time period. So when contractors say they can be in and out in only a few days, I have a tendency to be cautious.

What makes us so different?

“Stratos Painting Company” is a full service painting company specializing in residential and light commercial interior and exterior painting. We are fully licensed and insured in both Massachusetts and Connecticut. In addition we are fully licensed and lead paint certified nationwide.
Over the tenure of our company, we have seen many changes with regard to the development of our customers and consumers in general. Many are now much more knowledgeable than ever before. The old marketing methods are now obsolete. People are more aware of gimmicks, inferior craftsmanship, and can identify when contractors are trying to sell them on cheap prices rather than quality services. As “Seth Godin” says; “There is a race to the bottom to be the cheapest. What one has to worry about is winning that race!” Everyone has heard of the saying “You Get What You Pay For”. That is the one thing that hasn’t changed in the 30+ years we’ve been in business.
We are here to be of service!

Having studied with “Deepak Chopra” for over ten-years, the one thing that I have realized, and impressed on my team mates is the fact that we are here to be of service. Money is life’s energy that we use and exchange for the services we receive and provide to our fellow human beings. It’s not and should never be the most important part in our relationships. What we are here to give is what’s important.

People want to deal with contractors that are centered in the customer’s best interest. We are centered in our craft, and how we can use our talents to the benefit of our customers. Once people talk with us they realize that from the start. We are passionate about what we do, because we love doing it. We don’t see giving the additional free services that we typically do, as a loss of profit. We view it as a gift we share with our customers.